Vodafone Rationalisation Programme & J M Scully

Continuing to build on their success and recognition as a national UK based retail contractor, J M Scully are pleased to announce that they have secured a position on the Vodafone Brand Rationalisation programme spanning across a two year framework and refurbishing an average of three stores every four weeks.

vodafone-shopFollowing the successful completion and assessment of a trial store for this framework in Coventry (pictured) mid-way through 2013 and continuing the great work already underway with Vodafone Retail Inspiration Programme the J M Scully team were invited to competitively tender for this framework.

We have just commenced works and this will see the team deliver New Acquisitions, Relocations and Refurbishments across the UK. Working to a standard Schedule or rates and with a very short lead in period (4 weeks from briefing), this will be a very fluid programme with no margin for error, so the critical success factor is control of supply chain. In this respect, we are pleased to say that our teams throughout will directly control just over 70% of the supply chain

Look out for a new look Vodafone near you soon.