Diageo Visitor Centre

    Construction and fit out of  themed zones replicating POS environments within which to showcase various food & beverage brands

    • Project Value: £1.7m
    • Project Programme: 12 weeks

    Project Info

    Project Overview

    The programme for phase one of the project, the construction of a series of Zones, was to last for twelve weeks. When we arrived on site, the existing unit was a bare shell with offices and welfare facilities off to one side of the unit.

    The first element of the job was to fit five massive lattice beams spanning across the unit which were to carry the acoustic ceiling. Once they were fitted and the ceiling installed, the fit out could begin in earnest.

    Once the J M Scully element was complete,  specialist sub-contractors moved in to carry out the fit out and final fix of the unit.

    This involved the installation of various  LED lighting systems, working bars, stocking up shelves with the products and decorating various areas to the  client’s  requirements.