J M Scully Appoint Head of Safety

J M Scully are proud to announce another key appointment to the business with Liam Byrnes joining our Senior Management Team in the Role of Health & Safety Manager.liam_byrnes

Starting in October 2015 Liam will take full control of the Health & Safety function and oversee our team on Environmental and Quality aspects as well.

Liam’s background is in the Asbestos Removal industry and he is a qualified Asbestos Surveyor, Analyst and Contracts Manager. He also trained others to remove asbestos safely. It was while working in this fiercely regulated construction sector, that he became fascinated in the wider Health and Safety field. He noticed that, while we are generally good at managing ‘safety’ risks, it’s often the ‘health’ risks that are harder to control, and so a real passion developed.

Liam believes that the best way to influence a positive safety culture is by working with people throughout the organisation, rather than against them. By engaging individuals personally and personably, ensuring regular, proactive and clear communication and by reinforcing this with meaningful personal development for all, his aim is to support all employees to reach their full potential – and to prove the old adage true: the most valuable assets we have are the people who work here.

Everything Liam does at JMS has safety from the start, and at the heart.