J M Scully Announce Involvement in Bounce Back Scheme

Bounceback In another move which demonstrates our commitment to society in general J M Scully are pleased to announce our involvement with ‘Bounce Back’.

Bounce Back is a Charity and Social Enterprise focussed on training and employment of ex-offenders. The charity firmly believes that everyone has the ability to change and working in several prisons, as well as with London Probation, they offer training, work experience and employment to offenders at the end of their sentences using the skills developed both in custody and on release.

Helping people re-engage with the community, Bounce Back acts as a ‘bridge’ between prison and full time employment. They give people a chance to see a career path, gain confidence, obtain a reference to move on or, in some cases, stay with their teams in the social enterprise.

The CIPD state: “There’s convincing evidence to show that there are business benefits for including ex-offenders in targeted recruitment programmes, not only to address prevailing skill shortages, but also regarding issues of corporate responsibility and working towards the creation and maintenance of inclusive and economically successful communities in which people and businesses can prosper.”

We are currently in discussions with one of the schemes’ Social Enterprise teams who provide a ‘Painting & Decorating’ service and hope to bring some news on our engagement soon…

Find out more: https://bouncebackproject.com/