Why J M Scully?


Why choose J M Scully? In a marketplace where competition is fierce and customers have numerous choices available to them how do we demonstrate a point of differentiation to our customers? We are often required to articulate why we should be provided with a particular opportunity and over the years we have evolved and developed a set of unique selling points encouraged by the simple fact that all our customers use J M Scully time and time again.

We have shown below a short summary of why we feel we are different to the rest, but more importantly, what that means for our customers. Click on each of the links for more detail if needed:


Without exception a given at all times – but at J M Scully it is part of our culture not a process.

You get peace of mind that your brand and reputation is in safe hands with us.


Our industry here in the UK and the ever-changing Global marketplace creates a constant need for business to innovate. We know that you need to stay one-step ahead of your competition so we strive to give you something that really counts. We don’t just innovate for the sake of it – we only focus on what we can do to make your business better.

SUSTAINABILITYA prevailing focus on sustainability

Our customers have specific goals in respect of sustainability, particularly in the Retail sector where the integrity of a retailers brand is paramount. We have developed a range of sustainable solutions instructed either by our customers or where we ourselves have taken on the challenge and have been instrumental in taking the lead and implementing them to the benefit of all.

DISASTER RECOVERYDisaster Recovery Specialists

An evolution of our can-do approach and focus on ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction can be seen in our approach to urgent client requests. We have over the years slowly developed and refined our reaction time and quality of service to meet our client’s urgent needs often in a ‘Disaster Recovery’ situation through Fire, Flood or wind damage to their property. Knowing how to react quickly with the right people who can provide assurance to our client’s that we will carefully manage the situation to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible has become a unique selling point for our business. Take a look at what we have done.

D&BFinancially strong and independent

We pride ourselves on our financial strength with a solid credit rating and a proud history of looking after our valued supply chain.

A significant benefit of family ownership is one of independence, where we are in control of our own destiny and not beholding to any financial institutions.

This gives our customers the confidence that we will not only sustain in delivering on their needs, especially on large, long term projects or multiple site roll-outs but through ensuring we always have the ability to constantly add value.

FAMILYFamily owned and managed

Family owned means you get a business that can make decisions for the long term that directly benefit its customers and employees. We have second-generation family members managing the day to day business activities where our values and beliefs that helped develop and grow our business over 30 years ago still prevail. You benefit from direct access to the owners and key decision makers at all times.

CAN DO ATTIUDEDemonstrate a can-do attitude with empowered Customer Managers

Just read some of our customer testimonials and you will see we actually deliver on this point of differentiation, easy to say but difficult to achieve. Often called upon to go the extra mile – our empowered Customer Managers really do embody all that is good about J M Scully.

Long term relationships with high levels of repeat business

Our customer base is made up of very well known brands and it is a real delight to be associated with them but we know that we must always deliver on the basics of time cost and quality and there is no room for complacency that can come from familiarity. Really knowing our customers through time allows us to deliver on their expectations time and time again and we can help them to deliver on their objectives whilst seeking new and innovative ways to add value.

Agile and reactiveAgile & Reactive

We are not encumbered by the demands of a large and structured organisation with multiple layers of management and divisions. We are big enough to deliver on our customer’s requirements but our can-do approach and structure allows us to react quickly to a customer’s urgent needs or a change in our market.

ELECTRICAL DIVISIONOur own Electrical contracting business

Where the mechanical and electrical elements of most modern construction and fit-out schemes can be 40% of the total project cost having the ability to directly manage our own electrical division is critically important to us and once again gives us the control to the benefit of our customers. We also recognise the increasing complexity of projects and the demands this places on the electrical packages and we feel this is money well spent to ensure J M Scully remain a competitive force for the future.